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Coat Paints used boats




• Excellent performance, two-component polyurethane topcoat

• provide the hardest finish and high wear resistance, chemical curing

• Excellent, providing long lasting vivid color and brightness unique UV protection

• makes professional-quality results


Perfection (Professional)

Perfection (Professional) 2 The best performance, high-gloss topcoat board. Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance,ultra-high-gloss finish for a long time does not lose color. Brush to users,If the roll has formulated spray that lets you get high-quality work. To ensure the longest possible service life combined with the chemical cure polyurethane UV filters.

• A listed, abrasion resistant finish, areas of high rate of obsolescence (sample: deck) is an excellent choice for use in

• Chemically diesel, oil, gasoline, Resistant to acids and alkalis



• Very high-quality high-gloss durable yacht enamel

• Silicone alkyd formula lasting twice as long as conventional one-component yacht paints

• Excellent UV resistance

• Enhanced gloss and color retention properties

• Derin, a brilliant finish and easy application



• Non-slip polyurethane deck paint

• Non-slip fine mineral additive comprises forming a hard layer

• Suitable for all surfaces

• Brightness of the glare of sunlight is less obstacles

• Roll or brush applied directly out of the box



• Sintine, -chain and provides a hard surface for tanks

• Oil, fuel and chemical resistance to gases

• Full coating provides high coverage

• Care is less than,easy to clean


Interspray 800 Glazecoat

Interspray 800 Glazecoat provides superior durability, high quality finishing a two-part polyurethane gloss acrylic lacquer top coat paint. Color is used as the surface of the solid wax in order to strengthen. But also wood or epoxy laminate (including Teak) also used as a high gloss lacquer. The most common areas are the appropriate use of these types of quick-drying varnish is required is a durable floor and railings. Very different temperatures, allowing the user the flexibility to use different boats are available with two sertleştiriciyle.

• finish coating can be repaired

• polished

• Two-speed curing agent

Formula also Interspray 800 Glazecoat'e short “The first institution” ensures that the non-ideal conditions this time would be very useful in applications.

Interior Finish 750

Interior Finish 750 both high brightness and high hiding power and is particularly designed for use in all structures. This is an amazing chemical resistance topcoat provides a durable and tough and easy to clean. Interior Primer 860 Certification will be valid if applied on the Surface Spread of Flame. Descending time walking on the application of surface preparation requirements and speeds up the process faster and reduces the effect of other jobs in the paint.

Interior Finish 770

Interior Finish 770 Especially in the inner regions of the purchase of all types of construction have been formulated for use in. Smooth, With satin-finish product is especially suited for ceilings and very bright areas of the image is not required.

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