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Working paint should be aware of?

Working paint should be aware of?

1-Paint is a dangerous chemical that is flammable and explosive properties.

2-And long-term inhalation of harmful substances contained in the indoor environment should not be.

3-When painting, We have to pay attention to ourselves as well as our environment. Empty boxes, Used brushes and all other areas of waste into the sea and nature, we must not harm.

4-Use adequate and paint as needed, Avoid waste,. When calculating the amount of paint you should know paint becomes space. You can easily calculate the surface area of ​​the hull by the formula:

Water line around the hull area = waterline length X width X 0,7

5-Do not clean the brush with paint thinner.

6-Paint your inbox will not be used for a long time if the increased dye; synthetic characteristics of liner, varnishes and paints on the 1 cm thinner mixture must be stored somewhere mixing container tightly closed and freeze.

7-New drop-down box before opening paint rinsed quickly and certainly should not be confused. Otherwise, you can apply the paint in the future will consist of foams creates many problems and impairs the quality of the paint.

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Antifouling Boyalar

Antifouling Boyalar

Such paints, call fouling organisms; Sticking on the surfaces of materials and tools made by people and developing tools and instruments that are located on a collection of plant and animal organisms, to prevent them from doing any harm creates living environments barınamadığı. In fact, the event is not so simple. Including the loss of biological organisms and precise attention to the subject, rather than saving concept is a practical term "fouling organisms" We use the term. However, this term refers to the whole biological phenomenon. In the event of the surface tree, foulingle tree borers caused by the "biological break" event occurs. Therefore, these two issues go together most of the times. Fouling licenses and anılışı world event "pollutant" or "a hold" in the form of organisms. Sailor language is Turkish equivalents "algae", “sakallanma”, "Crusting" or "kışırlanma is". For example, we ship mechanical engineers, Coolers for this event occurring “kışırlanma” We use the term. Expense each year puts us on our boats and the event occurred, and the scientific name of "fouling boat hulls is". Boats are being used for the first periods this topic has always been of great importance. The speed of the boat's life that causes so many problems this event, aims to prevent the use of antifouling paints. Antifouling paints are made for fouling organisms and a variety of fouling organisms in water supply given that any differences, require the use of different antifouling paints in different waters. Fouling organisms in the Black Sea, Marmara’da, Vary in the Mediterranean.

What is Painting? What are the key features of ?

What is Painting?  What are the key features of ?

Beautified the substrate material and forming a protective layer on the surface. And with a simple way of describing the general state of the paint, according to the type of application, Using a variety of methods vary. A paint gives the best results, but the correct and proper uygulanılırsa. For example, some paints are not thin. Dilute the paint should be thinned using the correct diluent. There are differences in the application and the sea, throwing times toxic paints. For these reasons, the paint will apply primarily to recognize the best. Do we use the right purpose, Do we know the exact answers to questions such as the correct application technique verebilmeliyiz. Paint or paint dealers on the label information to get to a healthy information. One of the most basic mistakes made is not to take note of the label on the paint.

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